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Jen is a motivational speaker, leading relationship expert, and cutting-edge spiritual teacher. Sullivan is a speaker, writer, empowerment mentor & muse for smart, savvy and soul-centered women who yearn for more excitement and fun in life, love and relationship. she remarried, only to be divorced yet again after a near-death experience.

If you’re wondering where all the conscious men are, you need to listen to this seminar! John Gray defines the qualities conscious men bring to the table—and how this consciousness itself is neither “perfection” nor “the finished product,” but the very foundation for transformation. John is a leading, internationally recognized expert in the fields of communication and relationships.

This seminar explores: graduate of Columbia University has published 3 books and today coaches celebrities and hosts the sexy empowering online show “Intimate Conversations LIVE”.

With her partner Ben, Jen Rode co-founded The Rode Institute, an educational center for the advancement of spiritual partnerships, sexuality, and spirituality.

How can we embrace and activate our feminine energy?

What can we do right now to magnetize and receive more love and pleasure?

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  1. Jeffries’s commercial success launched a thousand imitators: Grow Your Game, Double Your Dating, Real Social Dynamics, Alpha Seduction, Seduction Base, Seduction Chronicles, Seduction Lair, Seduction Science, Blissnosis, and so forth.